Need to Pour Concrete in the Summer Time?

Need to Pour Concrete in the Summer Time?  

Concrete Service Tips on Pouring Concrete into the Heat

Should you be planning to pour concrete in hot weather then take into consideration our concrete service tips and guidelines:

Make sure you have enough manpower to manage the concrete while it is getting poured. Use large size and amount of aggregate when the weather is hot, as it will reduce the chances of concrete shrink as a result of environmental conditions.

When possible to not to pour your concrete at noon or in the afternoon, plan with your concrete service to deliver the concrete at temperatures the materials will be cooled by the supplier. Aggregates are cooled by spraying water over it. And speak to your structural engineer or designer to put in place an effective plan to space control joints properly. When pouring concrete in hot weather, control joints must be placed at smaller intervals than when poured in cold weather.

Try to use sunshades or windbreaks that will reduce any possible harsh conditions. Plan to get your interior slabs poured once all the walls and roofs have been built. When pouring concrete keep an evaporative retarder to hand just in case the temperature gets hotter. Try using ice as part of the mix or liquid nitrogen.

Reduce mixing time once the water has been added. Think about batching and mixing while at a job site. Never add water to pre-mixed concrete unless it has been included in the design. All equipment used must remain covered until it is needed. Keep the likes of conveyors, chutes, and accessories in the shade and spray water over them at regular intervals.

When pouring your slab, dampen the sub-grade first. Use cool water to do this, never start to finish concrete while there is still water on the surface. Make sure you use the proper curing method which will allow the concrete to set uniformly throughout. To learn more about our concrete installation services and how we can help you with your project, call Action Concrete in Rossville, GA today on (423) 304-8647.

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